JOEY – Celebrity Photographer

Everywhere you look, JOEY’s work is looking back at you. Straight up, straight in the eye, the celebrities he’s pinned down with a lens are ready to swagger off the screen, to strut out of the page, to sashay out of galleries, ready to breathe beside you and share their incredible energy. 
JOEY is one of the world’s leading celebrity photographers. His images of celebrities in LIVE performances dominate search engine hits. His portraits of both best-selling artists and break-through talent capture the energy of the moment and the spirit of the subject. 
JOEY captures the breath of the zeitgeist with work seen in galleries and museums around the world, in gorgeous glossy tabletop books and in globally touring exhibitions. He has worked with charismatic and distinctive personalities in music, sports and theatre, including Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Tiger Woods. He captured the extraordinarily lifelike horses from the National Theatre’s stage production of Warhorse. 
Any artist building, consolidating or extended their brand needs JOEY to make their visual narrative a powerful and cohesive part of their story. 

JOEY’s powerful imagery is tailored for every avenue of communication: portraits, press, licensing, touring, exhibition, photo libraries and book photography.

Rihanna by JOEY leading celebrity photographer

Portrait, press, licensing, touring, exhibition, photo library and book photography

UK celebrity photographerUK celebrity photographerUK celebrity photographer

One of the world’s leading sporting celebrity photographers

JOEY – is one of the world’s leading sporting celebrity photographers.
That moment before the action, where the athlete is poised….
That moment during the action, where the body is in motion…
That moment of contemplation off the field…
JOEY’s sports photography freeze-frames celebrity athletes in a perfect moment – like a Tiger (Woods) prowling through a field.
The brand image of world-class athletes goes beyond the field, and those unique stories are told through visual style and appeal: at work, at play, at sparkling galas and demonstrations of sporting prowess.

UK sport celebrity photographergolf celebrity photographerTiger Woods by JOEY, one of the world's leading sporting celebrity photographers

Portrait, press, licensing, touring, exhibition, photo library and book photography

One of the world’s leading theatre star photographers

JOEY is one of the world’s leading theatre star photographers.

Before there was 3D television there was live theatre! And for all the advances in entertainment technology, there is still something risky, real and seat-of-your-pants about a live performance, where special effects are all done on-the-spot and even great battles can be re-enacted with imagination rather than CGI.
JOEY brings his skill to the art of capturing that dynamism for programmes, press and exhibition, creating photographs that communicate the promise of live theatre’s unique magic.

His photographs of the puppet horses in The National Theatre’s production of Warhorse imbue those creatures of steel and wood with as much life and heart as they displayed in that remarkable play. He works just as effectively with actual people.

Theatre celebrity photographercelebrity photographer UKUK celebrity photographer

One of the world’s leading music photographers

JOEY is one of the world’s leading music photographers.

If there’s one thing we can take from Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video – apart from the obvious fact that you had better have her money or she will mess you up bad – it’s that the woman has an understanding of the fusion of music and imagery that verges on alchemy. 
JOEY gets that genius and creates that sense of scientific magic (or wizardly science) in his music photography – including his own photographic contributions to Rihanna’s distinctive personal visual style and that queen of morphing imagery, Kylie Minogue.  
Whether recording moments of live stadium performances in images full of energy and atmosphere, or creating portraits of music greats that capture and distil the current moment of their colourful brand narrative, JOEY’s images bring them to life with freshness and clarity.

celebrity photographer UKMcbusted, McFLy, Busted, Hydro concert, Mcbusted Glasgow,Mcbusted, McFLy, Busted, Hydro concert, Mcbusted Glasgow,

Portrait, press, licensing, touring, exhibition, photo library and book photography 



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William D. Miller – the behaviourist

The ultimate after-dinner speaker, corporate, cabaret and theatre host, The Ringmaster will act as your professional icebreaker/entertainer.

Providing that elusive ingredient to any bill of entertainment, with professional gusto, William D. Miller will introduce and build up all the acts on your bill or go straight to his award winning solo performance.  Your entertainment program will flow seamlessly, with award winning, mind boggling, demonstrations of mind magic, personal insight and audience participation games for good measure. 


And for after dinner, or walk around, one of the most endearing close up magic acts around – you will not believe your eyes.

Book the Ringmaster audience experience now!

Welcome to the spooky show

D. stands for Dusty.

Author, consultant magician, behaviourist and show producer, Dusty is the Ringmaster, AKA the ‘Grand Wizard’ of magic. Many of the effects and techniques of the modern day, TV and stage magician were practiced, honed and developed by him. He has mentored and lectured on the subject in equal measure during a blistering career as the Storyteller and mind reader in his show at The Magic Castle, Hollywood.

From Abu Dhabi to Istanbul, The Ringmaster is the perfect host, performing close up and cabaret mind reading Internationally in theatres, corporate and charity events, for celebrities and royalty to private house parties, on TV and film and at every type of event under the sun.

More recently: Disney Pixar, Museum of Flight, National Museum of Scotland, Beijing Olympics, Aston Martin, Prince Rainier Monte Carlo, British Embassy Paris, RBS, Standard Life, Best Western hotels, Gleneagles Hotel, Seagate Computers,  Tower of London, Old Mutual, Scottish Convention Bureau and at every theatre in town… the list is endless.

We look forward to adding you to his list of astonished and delighted clients.

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Gerry Goldwyre - The Masterchef

Tower at dusk 1 - Copy

Celebrated Chef, architect, artist and globe trotting food ambassador for Scotland.

An American adventure.

The ‘Last of the Goldwyres’ prepares delicious and surprising finger food & wine whilst serving up his brand of lively, touching and thought provoking, illustrated chat all about his discoveries, culinary and otherwise, during a year in the US in search of his forefathers. A unique, multi-sensory experience that will leave your audience quite spellbound.

In his own words

I’m a self-taught cook, watercolour artist, and architect. I enjoy nothing better than sharing good food and wine with friends.

After I won the BBC’s ‘Masterchef’, my wife (Susan) and I first thought of setting up our small restaurant. We undertook some research and discovered that our friends and colleagues shared the same thoughts. It took little encouragement from them to fulfil our dream and in 1994 we decided to practice what we preach and the ‘Water Tower’ Restaurant was born.

A restaurant that is not a restaurant! It is a place where a group of friends, family or business can meet, eat, drink and enjoy good company in an unpretentious setting with a feel of home. 

Cooking is not only a passion to me it is a lifestyle, hobby and when combined with painting it is my livelihood

Gerry Goldwyre in ‘Scotland on Sunday’.

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Very high standards for innovative cooking that brims with flavour. The food style is eclectic, and reflects 25 years of International travel.

Whereever quality and availability permit we use both local and organic produce.

Our restaurant is not conventional. We only have one table and it can sit up to a maximum of 12 people. Our gazebo can seat larger numbers and we would be happy to discuss this with you 

Susan and I travel extensively each year, searching out new cooking methods styles and experiences of food wherever we go. We have drawn on this experience from Sydney to Santa Fe and Scotland to Seychelles including major Internationally renowned capitals for culinary excellence in Europe and The Far and Middle East, North America and sub continental India.

These influences and ideas are incorporated into our menus at the restaurant. Menus, in conjunction with client input, are tailored, to match expectations. 

We also pride ourselves in the quality of our staff, without which we would never have achieved our Investors in People award.

Here are a few samples of written quotes from people who have visited us. We have a strict policy of privacy and shall respect those who have taken the time to write to us by not naming the individuals; 

“Everyone loved the whole experience” 

“Fantastic evening again, thank you so much” 

“Our evening was a wonderful success -
A truly memorable evening”

“Thank you for the evening, it was everything we could have expected”

“We loved the drinks in the gazebo” 

“Thank you for Saturday, Gerry’s hospitality was Exceptional” 

“Why did we get a taxi? no one wanted to leave” 

We also have a facility that can accommodate larger groups and other commercial and corporate events.

Click here for Gerry’s web site which contains additional information on Gerry, his restaurant and his cooking services


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